Tuesday, 13 March 2018

An Absolute Submission to Allah at Hajj

Ramadan 2018
Devoting self to very virtues of Allah is said to be true characteristic of a pious and religious Muslim. That is the reason every year millions of people following Islamic religion perform Hajj once in a year to celebrate their highly recognized love for the highest deity.

Need to Understand the Relevance of Hajj

Those paying their visit to Makkah as well as Madinah need to first understand the complete significance of Hajj. It is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam where world famous Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi are there to let pilgrims purify their soul.

It is believed that every single Muslim individual who is physically fit and financially in good condition need to perform Hajj once in a lifetime with complete devotion towards Allah and getting rid of things like cutting nails, perfuming, abusive language along with sexual intercourse during the whole journey.

Days long rituals of Hajj have to be completed in a step by step process starting from entering the mosque in a state of Ihram, taking rounds of Black Stones, reciting Holy Quran, taking further rounds between hills of Safa and Marwahand  also visiting Holy Mosque of Madinah.

Since the whole ritual takes times, so booking everything in advance from flight tickets, hotel, transportation and guide is a matter of great concern.

Make Best Selection of Hotel Online

During the days of Hajj, there would be tremendous amount of Muslim population witnessed there, finding an appropriate choice of accommodation can be a difficult deal. Especially in case of hunting for 4 star hotel in Medina or any other luxurious lodging is bit of a issue on the part of pilgrims.

Therefore, best suggested is to make online hotel booking in Madinah months before you actually arrive their and make your stay all the more comfortable and hassle-free.
Finding a 4-star luxurious lodging online is no big deal as plenty of options can be found standing close to Holy Mosque with just walking distance away.

All you have to keep in mind is certain choice of facilities within the lodging like short distance from Airport, spacious guest rooms, modern style of décor, complimentary breakfast, free Wifi, 24x7 room service and much more.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Rawda Al Aqiq Hotel Madinah - Strategically Located 4-Star Lodging in Madinah

Rawda Al Aqiq Hotel
Rawda Al Aqiq Hotel Madinah
Visiting the Holy and Pious Mosque of Prophet Mohammed in Madinah has of equal and importance relevance as that of Masjid Al Haram. Every year, millions of Muslims from all across the globe step their feet on the holy city of Madinah to offer their heartiest prayers.

At such times, getting into trouble of looking for ideal lodging has of no hassle, when perfectly settled Rawda Al Aqiq hotel Madinah is already there to provide you celebrity like treatment.

This being one of the high rated 4 star hotel in Madinah is best known for its prime location which is just 300 meters away from Holy Mosque and other major attractions along with monumental building status standing fall and feature in itself highly luxurious and spacious 505 guest rooms for both leisure as well as for corporate travellers.

One of the ideal Madinah hotel is what this is for shopaholics who find plenty of marketplaces, mini-markets, restaurants and the famous Old Bazar located in its close vicinity.

Majestically beautiful is what seems like true persona of guest rooms as most of them feature elegant décor full of soothing lighting, soft carpeted floor, comfortable bedding and separate sitting place for guests.

An Absolute Submission to Allah at Hajj

Devoting self to very virtues of Allah is said to be true characteristic of a pious and religious Muslim. That is the reason every year ...